Smith and Sons Paving

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Block Paving

If you want a driveway that is unique, beautiful, strong and creates a long-lasting impression when people approach your home, then a Smith and Sons new drive way  is the perfect choice. Whatever the style of your home, our bespoke designs allow you to create a driveway that seamlessly blends into your home

Every detail of a Paving driveway is carefully considered to ensure it not only looks stunning, but also gives you superior quality and long-lasting durability. Smith and Sons driveways are built with deep, solid foundations and why we use blocks that are 20% thicker than the industry standard.

Choose a  Smith and Sons driveway and you will also have the reassurance that  blocks are cured for longer to make them 10% stronger than the British Standard requirement, plus have 10% extra pigment to ensure a truly long-lasting colour.

Whether you’re replacing an old driveway surface or creating a beautiful new one, you know you will get a driveway to your exact style and material requirements.

You can see some of our range of styles below also take a look in the photo gallery for more ideas. Take a look to see which best suits your home and then book a FREE design consultation with one of our home improvement specialists in the midlands or discuss how we can make sure your new driveway creates a fantastic route to your home. You might also want to consider our amazing Greener Grass or a Smith and Sons paving patio to give all your outside space that quality look only we can provider

Take a look in our gallery for before and after photos.